Why is My RGBW Dimmer Not Recognized by Wink?

Unfortunately, Wink doesn't provide blanket compatibility for all multi-channel devices. 

Wink also doesn't support many of the newer Z-Wave Plus devices based on the updated command classes. If you're a Wink user, it's always best to go by Wink's official compatibility list when choosing devices for your system.

And here's a good unofficial source for devices tested to work with Wink (though take it with a grain of salt; this list may not be updated with latest firmware versions).

Here's more about the RGBW Dimmer's compatibility. And if you're looking for a system that's more open and flexible, we'd recommend using your device with a system like SmartThings. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about compatibility! Our team is ready to help.

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  • 04-Feb-2020